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Hi, just bought it and it's a great device! Feature request: allowing the frequency range to go into negative numbers so I can use it to track Ableton's frequency shifter/ring mod for tuned audio rate modulation. That would be amazing!

hi, great device here! one thing that would be a big improvement imo is if customized mapping ranges saved within a set. I tried saving and loading this in a set, but it returns to the default. Being able to save presets would be awesome too. cheers!

this sounds awesome, I hope you make a PC version!

Actually, no worries! I tried your other version of this, the AS40 device, and it's working in Live 10 just fine :)


So I tried this out in Live 9, and it's working excellently. Super useful! But I would be eternally grateful if you could update the remote script (and device??) to work with Ableton 10!

Excellent device, thank you! I've been needing something like this for a long time :) Works great for being able to control a parameter that's already mapped to a controller with dummy clips from a different channel!

so the video is of version 1... what are the new features?