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its a commercial product, you should say so.

This is a commercial product, please be honest with users here, and change to commercial.

Hi Maxluca,

I use Rozzer in Live 10 without any problems, so not sure its. aLive 10 issue.

Attribution? Its a commercial device. I refuse to buy products from companies that send me to a link under false pretences.

So why haven't you labelled this as commercial? Its not free, which Attribution would imply.

You do yourself no favours sending people to a supposedly free device, for them to find you are charging.

very useful thank you, nice easy way to layer say a pad and rhythmic loop, will continue experimenting.

Yes why does it say no license? Price is 15 USD = license.

Thank you M4L, its about time folks started being honest and up front about whether they are charging for their M4L devices.

I am sick and tired of going through to links which are advertised as no license, only to find a commercial product.