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Arm Exclusive 1.0 by vargaradu
48 downloads, 0 Comments utility
This device lets you arm exclusive on selected tracks (up to 4 at the moment). Say you have 3 tracks being controlled from the same midi piano, you can arm exclusive on those 3 tracks to ensure you o... (more info)

Clip Delete 1.0 by vargaradu
31 downloads, 0 Comments utility
This device helps you delete clips. It has quite a specific functionality, each track assigned will delete the first 5 clips in that track. The "All" option will delete all the above chosen track f... (more info)

Chord Advanced 1.0 by TheLoser
188 downloads, 0 Comments effect, utility, other, beta
My Christmas Present for all Livers! This is my advanced Version of Ableton´s "Chord" MIDI Effect. Hope you like it! Have fun and B creative! Merry Christmas to you and I wish you a good healthy... (more info)

Velocity Replacer 1.1 by TheLoser
48 downloads, 0 Comments effect, utility, other
I have to apologize me much. I had mind to late, that the device doesn´t work the right way. It has created a note with the adjusted velocity when the note-off of the original note was received in t... (more info)

Time 1.01 by encoderaudio
0 Comments drum, sequencer, other
Time is a 4 note drum / percussion sequencer, influenced by watches. MIDI notes are triggered at every second, then every minute, every hour and at 12 o'clock. You can control the density of the trigg... (more info)

Note Replacer 1.1 by TheLoser
78 downloads, 0 Comments effect, utility, other, m4lhackevent
Sometimes you´re in a situation, where you want to change the key value, but want to keep the Velocity-or Aftertouch-Values or other MIDI-Events which was attached with that note. So I´ve created a... (more info)

Yamaha MU10 editor 1.0 by Pip
45 downloads, 0 Comments synth, utility, hardware
Editor for the Yamaha MU10 XG tone generator. This was a little project I did as an experiment with my first foray into programming Max for live. The Yamaha MU10 is quite an old tone generator, but s... (more info)

High precision Circuit Rack 17 by xanadu
52 downloads, 1 Comments hardware
High precision Circuit Rack Bugfix update 17 is uploaded. This set of MaxForLive objects are used to set up your Novation Circuit as a high precision MIDI controller for Ableton Live racks. The 8 fa... (more info)

Random Signal 1.0 by DENPA
0 Comments lfo, effect, utility
Random Modulator (more info)

Isotonik LP Pack 1.0 by ldmdevices
0 Comments sequencer, effect, hardware
The LP Pack from LDM Design is a further extension of the work you may have already seen on LDM Design website the home of such beauties as Manglerack & Hepta Delay. Their first three devices for us ... (more info)

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