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Quick Transpose dark 0.02 by synthesizerwriter
54 downloads, 0 Comments utility, other, beta
This is just an updated revision of my quick selector for octave or fifth intervals. I have added some adaptability to different skins (but I'm still tweaking that...) and re-arranged the layout to ma... (more info)

GHOSTBUSTER 1.0 by ryan7585
55 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Deletes notes on the selected clip that are shorter than a given length. Useful for audio-to-midi translations (more info)

ru.automata 1.0 by reallyusefulplugin
37 downloads, 0 Comments drum, sequencer, utility, other
Creates and destroys MIDI clips in accordance with John Horton Conway’s rules of population. As shoehorned into a million other “creative” projects from the 1970s until the present day! Video e... (more info)

WekiTrainer 0.6 by moih
11 downloads, 0 Comments synth, drum, sampler, video, lfo, sequencer, effect, utility, glitch, other, hardware, dj, beta, push
WekiTrainer is a Max4Live device that assists in the model training and output mapping process of Machine Learning by communicating directly with Wekinator via Ableton Live. Version 0.6 features incl... (more info)

Mad PGM Launcher 1.0.1 by agent0006
26 downloads, 0 Comments utility
The Mad PGM Launcher is an easy-to-use device that allows mapped MIDI controllers to trigger specific Program Change messages. The device features 16 slots for any MIDI Program number to be trigger... (more info)

WekiTrainerMini 1.0 by moih
11 downloads, 0 Comments synth, drum, sampler, video, lfo, sequencer, effect, utility, glitch, other, hardware, dj, beta, push
The Mini Version of WekiTrainer device: http://www.maxforlive.com/library/device/5060/wekitrainer Mini Version includes: ◼︎ Mapping of • Record, 〄 Train and ▶︎ Run buttons in Wekinator d... (more info)

Note-Office 1.1 by KentaroSuzuki
0 Comments lfo, sequencer, effect, utility, other, m4lhackevent
This is Note-Office. It is Midi Effecter, ignoring all Note Off. Instead, you can freely specify the length of the note including randomization intuitively. You can adjust by dial while monitoring th... (more info)

Console 1 Track Follow 1.0 by Airyck
11 downloads, 0 Comments utility, other, hardware, beta
Console 1 Track Follow Device :) I like using Softube Console 1 when I do my final mix but unfortunately Ableton Live doesn't support track follow for the Console 1. Ableton Live supports: *Automati... (more info)

Keyfollow 1.0 by BillyNotReally
97 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Ever wanted to control a Live parameter with MIDI notes like you do with filters? Now you can. Added some presets and a curve function for more customization. It should work with older versions. Feed... (more info)

JUNO-106 MIDI SysEx Controller 1.1 by Pibo
42 downloads, 0 Comments hardware
JUNO-106 Max 4 Live 8 device. Control your ROLAND JUNO-106 hardware directly from Ableton Live 10. SETUP 1. Create a new External Instrument track and select the "MIDI To" and "Audio From" relat... (more info)

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