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LP-Poly 1.0 by LuigiPlatania
0 Comments synth
LP_Poly is a polyphonic synthesiser designed for Sci-Fi sounds. (more info)

LP-ImpactBass 1.0 by LuigiPlatania
0 Comments synth, other
With LP_Impact_Bass you can have stunning cinematic bass in your workchain. (more info)

LP-Generator 1.0 by LuigiPlatania
0 Comments sequencer, other
LP_Generator allows you to create random melodies or patterns. (more info)

MIDI ProbablyCHORD 0.04 by synthesizerwriter
165 downloads, 0 Comments utility, other, beta
ProbablyCHORD is a free multi-step, clip-event triggered, generative and probabilistically controlled chord generator plug-in device for Ableton Live, implemented in MaxForLive. It is based on TR2gen,... (more info)

Pitch Bend and Mod Wheel 1.1 by JasperMiddelberg
99 downloads, 4 Comments utility
A mangle of 2 PitchBend & ModWheel devices. Pitchbend bends back. fix. Automation: Changed new fancy looking sliders for old style live.slider, now can be automated. (more info)

Program and Bank Changer 1.0 by JasperMiddelberg
91 downloads, 0 Comments utility
A mangle of 2 program (& bank) changers found here. (more info)

Hyena - Random Buffer Looper 1.0 by hyena
156 downloads, 2 Comments sampler, effect
live buffer recorder\looper with random playback speed, position and loop length. hit record to fill the buffer, then set playback speed and use the graphic tools to loop what you want from the visual... (more info)

NoteOff retainer 1.0 by md5
56 downloads, 0 Comments utility, other
This device holds back all note off commands until it has received the same amount of note on commands. At this point it will release all note offs at once. Example: key press A -> note on A key pres... (more info)

DigiChain 1.0 by elliof
153 downloads, 0 Comments sequencer, hardware
Pattern chaining sequencer for Elektron Digitakt - Program change midi channel input on the Digitakt needs to correspond to the device midi track channel output. - CH.LEN (FUNC+PAGE) of each of the ... (more info)

Polykrom 1.0 by npoensgen
2 Comments utility, other
A polyphonic microtuner. This device allows you to use the velocity sliders in the piano roll to control pitch bend. Check out the example ableton project. Also, there's a panic button... just in ... (more info)

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