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Chip Tunes 1.0 by akihiko
0 Comments synth, sequencer, other, dj, beta
8-voice polyphonic chip tune synth. Demo Movie. Other plugins. (more info)

AutoLayerGenerator 1.10 by noelkit
0 Comments synth, sampler, effect
"AutoLayerGenerator" is an M4L plug-in that automatically generates various sound layers by loading files. If it's difficult to purchase on a Japanese website, please contact me directly :) (more info)

Iota 2.0 by ndivuyo
12 Comments sampler, other
Iota is a ​Max for Live ​Instrument to be used with ​Ableton Live​. Iota uses granular synthesis to loop individual segments of a sample. Loops can be drawn as rectangles over a spectrogram, d... (more info)

SEMPLER 1.1 by Noisscoko
0 Comments sampler, sequencer, glitch, other, beta
SEMPLER is a sequence based sampler that allows you to play and improvise from audio files in many different ways. You can use its eight step sequencer to set up parameters and values, that can also b... (more info)

TB303 Tokyo Max User FULL MIDI SUPPORT 1.0 by anibaluru
954 downloads, 2 Comments synth, sequencer
Original TBT-303 clone by: Tokyo Max User ( Based on mDang's Modified for Full MIDI mappi... (more info)

starfield simulation 2.0 by sternmull
208 downloads, 0 Comments synth, other
Starfield simulation screensaver for your oscilloscope. A rather chaotic patch that sounds wonderfully awful and sometimes does unpredictable things. used in Asteroids: (more info)

line horizon 0.1 by sternmull
222 downloads, 1 Comments synth, other
Draws a horizon of lines on an oscilloscope. Can also do a minecraft sunrise. used in Lines: demonstration: (more info)

Nyquist-Shannon 0.1 by sternmull
467 downloads, 0 Comments synth, other
Visual demonstration of sampling rate and aliasing, when displaying on an oscilloscope in XY-mode. This patch doesn't actually change the sampling rate, and although it creates an audio signal, it's ... (more info)

Kepler-Bouwkamp 0.4 by sternmull
270 downloads, 0 Comments synth, other
Draws inscribed polygons on an oscilloscope with sound. Demonstration: Used very briefly in "Lines": (more info)

blubb 0.0 by sternmull
404 downloads, 0 Comments synth, other
Makes bubbly water drop sounds and looks like bubbles when displayed on an oscilloscope. Used in Khrậng: and in Planets: (more info)

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