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ULTRAKICK Free Demo 1.0.3 by DP
0 Comments synth, drum, glitch, other, dj
This is a free demo version of ULTRAKICK, a state-of-the-art Max for Live kick drum synthesizer based on two oscillators and a noise generator. Features of the full (paid) version: - 100% synthesis: ... (more info)

Altun 1.0 by chrisw79
151 downloads, 1 Comments synth
Simple polyphonic synthesizer with choice of 12 tuning systems. Part of a university project so any feedback would be great...maybe there are other features or tuning systems people like that are not ... (more info)

CS80 2.1 by RogueLeada
286 downloads, 1 Comments synth
inspired by the 1976 mighty CS80 but 6 voices of polyphony using twice a poly~ object to reproduce the 2 channels of the original. controls: velocity, aftertouch "mono" (sorry but it's an Ableton l... (more info)

Mind Lotion from Space 2.0 by JungleJames
344 downloads, 0 Comments synth
Mind Lotion from Space originally started as an university project and got reworked a few times afterwards. This Max4Live device is a polyphonic synthesizer based on 2 oscillatiors with various wavefo... (more info)

CS60 2.0 by RogueLeada
263 downloads, 0 Comments synth
inspired by CS60. (enveloppes timings, hpf lpf, pwm etc) BEAP based abstractions. aftertouch linked to CC1 modwheel (for those who don't have sensitive keyboard). 6 voices panable and detunable for b... (more info)

ROGUELEADApolyphonic6 1.3 by RogueLeada
248 downloads, 0 Comments synth
polysynth with6 voices stereo panable (like OB polysynth) and detunable! controlable with: velocity sensitive, aftertouch and modwheel. made with beap abstractions to have an analog feel to the whole ... (more info)

WAVY 1.0 by akihiko
0 Comments synth, utility, other, dj, beta
Heavy Glide 5 OSC Monophonic WAVE-ish detune synthesizer. Demo Movie. (more info)

Cream 1.05 by encoderaudio
0 Comments synth
Cream is a polyphonic, two oscillator digital synthesizer. Osc 1 is a digital wavetable oscillator, with wavetable Morph, while Osc 2 is a digital multi waveform oscillator, with west coast style Timb... (more info)

the Multi Mangler 1.2 by Dstream
985 downloads, 3 Comments synth, effect, glitch, other
The Multi Mangler is a Max for Live instrument that receives audio from up to three other tracks and does ring modulation, frequency modulation, short delays and grain looping on the signals, all corr... (more info)

AntiDrone 1.0 by skinnerbox
214 downloads, 0 Comments utility, other, hardware
AntiDrone is essentially a midi to cv device calibrated for the buchla 258 oscillators in EMS (studio 3) you will need a MOTU audio interface in order to use it, the left channel is outputs CV whereas... (more info)

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