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Spectral Compressor 1.0 by WillSavin
0 Comments effect
This Max for Live device compresses individual frequency bands of a signal separately using FFT. Unlike a regular compressor, this compressor can greatly modify a signal's frequency content, not just ... (more info)

Freq Haas 1.0 by LAEX
217 downloads, 0 Comments effect, utility
Yes! It another stereo expander. But this time it uses HAAS effect together with micro frequency shifting for more natural result. Works well on vocals and some synths sound. Also to not to make some... (more info)

M4L VDB Delay 2.0 by akihiko
0 Comments effect, glitch, other, dj, beta
Variable time delay effect without clicks or transposition. Demo Movie Other Plugins. (more info)

Blind 1.0 by jczimm
0 Comments utility, other
Blind covers the arrangement or session view when the set is playing to dissociate the visuals of the set (e.g. waveforms, colors, automation lines) from the listener's perception of the music, theore... (more info)

dFreeze mr 0.05 by synthesizerwriter
282 downloads, 11 Comments lfo, effect, utility, other, dj, beta
dFreeze_mr is a 4 channel sample loop player with a 4-phase LFO to mix the channels, plus a performance-oriented fade in/ fade out section on the right hand side. Load up samples by dropping them in... (more info)

Mellotroner 2.0 2.0 by akihiko
0 Comments effect, utility, other, dj, beta
Old tape sound simulator for ableton live (max for live). Demo Movie. Other Plugins. (more info)

Random Filter Generator 2 2.0 by MarioNieto
0 Comments sequencer, effect, glitch, other, dj
Random Filter Generator 2 is a fx that can be applied to any sound and create new variations based on filters. We have 64 step sequencer, each step has a filter control that can be adjusted manually,... (more info)

Erratique 1.0 by cleus
276 downloads, 0 Comments effect
A Max 4 Live implementation of a resonator, built around the Mutable Instruments Elements Module. (more info)

sincos demo 0.2 by sternmull
73 downloads, 0 Comments synth, other
A patch to demonstrate the correlation between sine and cosine on an oscilloscope in XY-mode (the graph is drawn with sound). Used in this tutorial about sinewaves and additive synthesis: https://www... (more info)

Reactive Pressor 1.0 by Yanakyl
164 downloads, 1 Comments effect
Reactive pressor is a compressor(developed in gen) with a special ability, with just a knob you can tweak the global reactivity of the device. This control is really good for fine tuning the settings... (more info)

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