Audio Devices

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Stereoizer 1.0 by DENPA
0 Comments effect
Widens mono or narrow sound source (more info)

bp.Chorus.maxpat.amxd 0.1 by RobertSchulz
38 downloads, 0 Comments effect
Chorus. (more info)

bp.SmoothDelay.maxpat.amxd 0.1 by RobertSchulz
39 downloads, 0 Comments effect
Delay. (more info)

bp.BigScope.maxpat.amxd 0.1 by RobertSchulz
55 downloads, 0 Comments effect
BEAP Big Oscilloscope Analyzer. (more info)

bp.BigSpectral.maxpat.amxd 0.1 by RobertSchulz
46 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Big Spectroscope and Sonogram Analyzer. (more info)

bp.GLScope.maxpat.amxd 0.1 by RobertSchulz
33 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Kind of Oscilloscope. (more info)

bp.History.maxpat.amxd 0.1 by RobertSchulz
33 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Analyzer. (more info)

bp.Scope.maxpat.amxd 0.1 by RobertSchulz
28 downloads, 0 Comments effect
Tiny Oscilloscope. (more info)

bp.Spectral.maxpat.amxd 0.1 by RobertSchulz
31 downloads, 0 Comments effect
Spectoscope and Sonogram Analyzer. (more info)

bp.Value.maxpat.amxd 0.1 by RobertSchulz
34 downloads, 0 Comments effect
Value. (more info)

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