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bp.BigSpectral.maxpat.amxd 0.1 by RobertSchulz
46 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Big Spectroscope and Sonogram Analyzer. (more info)

bp.GLScope.maxpat.amxd 0.1 by RobertSchulz
33 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Kind of Oscilloscope. (more info)

bp.History.maxpat.amxd 0.1 by RobertSchulz
33 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Analyzer. (more info)

bp.32-band analysis.maxpat.amxd 0.1 by RobertSchulz
32 downloads, 0 Comments utility
32-band analysis. just an analyzer, passes through audio as it was come into the input. (more info)

MIDI Note Splitter 1.0 by abehr
0 Comments synth, utility
Record a polyphonic performance with a monophonic synthesizer! This utility device takes MIDI performance and splits the notes into multiple tracks in a round-robin arrangement. Useful to coordinate ... (more info)

Blinker 0.2 by spaghettilab
0 Comments utility
Blinker is a set of tools for Ableton's Connection kit to help make mapping the Arduino a bit easier. The first device just blinks to the beat of the metronome. 1. Flash the Arduino with Standard Fi... (more info)

Remote Access 1.0 by RobertSchulz
0 Comments utility, other
Remote Access is a Max-for-Live-Device which is designed to jump over a terrific step, when mixing music and especially to adjust track parameter over and over again which lays places from your actual... (more info)

FPB Push Class Control 1.0 by fingerspushbuttons
26 downloads, 0 Comments utility
FPB Push Class Control is a device that takes master control of all instances of Push Locker and Push Colour Notes in a Live set. Now that PL and PCN can control up to six tracks and six push units ... (more info)

Apple Help for Ableton Live 0.1 by RobertSchulz
0 Comments utility, other
A little help for the ones that uses Apple Devices like Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod etc. or Software. Get directly Customer Support Informations from inside Ableton Live. (more info)

BankOSCmr 0.01 by synthesizerwriter
214 downloads, 3 Comments synth, utility, other, beta
BankOSCmr0v01 is a Sound Generator, not a synth, and the MIDI input is just about as limited as it is possible to be. It provides 32 sine-wave oscillators simultaneously... The display shows the 32 o... (more info)

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