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Grid SEQ Params 1.0 by akihiko
0 Comments lfo, sequencer, effect, utility, glitch, other, hardware, dj, m4lhackevent, beta, push
Graphical Parameta Sequence Controller via Ableton M4L API. Demo Movie. https://youtu.be/xLFGIWn-BD0 (more info)

Digital Glitcher 2.3 by akihiko
0 Comments effect, utility, glitch, other, dj, beta
BPM Sync Glitch Effect for ableton Max for Live Audio Track. Demo Movie https://youtu.be/m674M0yAI6U Other free software here. http://akihikomatsumoto.com/download/ (more info)

Automation Recorder 1.0 by VKondakoff
8 Comments utility
Record parameter automation from any Ableton Live control device (LFO, Envelope, Envelope Follower etc) to a MIDI track or MIDI clip. Movement of _every_ knob that is mapped can be recorded. Usage: p... (more info)

ISO Stutter 1.3 by akihiko
0 Comments drum, effect, utility, glitch, other, dj, beta
Band isolated stutter for ableton Max for Live. Demo Movie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sXDbvD4KQE Buy Link. https://gum.co/lOqnx Other Plugins. http://akihikomatsumoto.com/download/ (more info)

MultiMap Pro 1.0 by RutterStudios
203 downloads, 2 Comments utility, other, hardware
MultiMap Pro is a one-to-many control mapper with custom transfer functions. It facilitates the mapping of one MIDI control to up to 6 Ableton controls. Each of these 6 mapping allow a custom transfer... (more info)

TOGGLE TO GATE 1.0 by freddyfrogs
102 downloads, 3 Comments effect, utility, push
This simple device enables the user to transform any MIDI note message from a Toggle to a momentary/gate behavior. No need to open your controller's editors anymore as this device will let you convert... (more info)

Clavia Nord Drum 3P Editor 1.1 by AbletonKurse
0 Comments utility, other, hardware
This Max for Live device lets you edit nearly all of the sound parameters for a Clavia Nord Drum 3P connected to your computer. It has 121 presets build in plus the ability to save and store your own ... (more info)

Mute Mean Disable A 1.5 by Takadimi
63 downloads, 1 Comments utility
Relief your cpu charge by automatically disabling temporarly unused devices. This audio device disable devices when the track is muted and restore initial enable state when track is reactived. Very u... (more info)

66 downloads, 0 Comments utility, hardware, dj
This is a dmx light control for Chauvet PAR80, American DJ Quad Gem, American DJ Ultra Hex Bar, American DJ CWWW18 Par. It can be easily hacked to work with any of your light just open up Max to see ... (more info)

Map Console 1.0 by TheLoser
164 downloads, 0 Comments utility, other, hardware, push
24 Sliders, which can be mapped to any supported parameter of Ableton Live, third-party-plugins or other Max-for-Live-Devices. Thank you for your precious time. Have fun with that one between the y... (more info)

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