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TheThing 1.0 by jonbenderr
1 Comments sequencer, utility
TheThing is an interesting expansion on the typical 16-step sequencer. Check the product page for more info! Compatible with live 9 and max 7. (more info)

LFOLFO 0.02 by synthesizerwriter
136 downloads, 1 Comments lfo, utility, other, beta
LFOLFO is an experimental LFO. It is based on the idea of using switchable rate controls (now multiplies and divides!) and has two sub LFOs to modulate the Rate and Multiply controls. There is only ... (more info)

Multi Analyser 1.0 by S4racen
0 Comments utility
Multi Analyser is a simple frequency analysis device that allows up to 4 tracks to be viewed and measured in a single device. This can be particularly useful when mixing as it will allow for problemat... (more info)

Note Toggle Drumrack Loop 1.4 by AbletonKurse
0 Comments effect, utility, other
This device lets you toggle loops on and off via external MIDI notes in a Drum Rack (+ Simpler) - please check http://blog.abletondrummer.com/play-loops-in-drum-rack-in-ableton-live-free-max-for-live-... (more info)

Endless Note with choke - AbletonDrummer.com 1.2 by AbletonKurse
97 downloads, 1 Comments utility, other, hardware, beta
Just a very simple device which is filtering out note off messages (='endless notes') but will stop the playing note when another one is played (similar to the "choke group" function in the Drumrack) ... (more info)

Editor for the BEHRINGER MODEL D 1.0 by phbee
28 downloads, 0 Comments utility, hardware
Here is a sysex based editor to tweak the parameters of the behringer MODEL D. For more information about those parameters please check the MODEL D manual. the MODEL D firmware used is 1.0.5 , beware ... (more info)

Polyphonic Pitch to Color 1.0 by BxHGuy
86 downloads, 0 Comments video, utility, other, beta
If you ever wondered what the pitch you play looks like? wonder no more! features: - 5 voice polyphony - Independent pitch scaling; log10 from audible spectrum to tetra-hertz (visible light spectrum) ... (more info)

Channel Recorder 1.0 by artoftheloop
74 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Drop this device at the end of your chain on any channel, and it will record the outgoing signal whenever the transport is running. The device will automatically generate a file name based on the ti... (more info)

MDD OCTOMORPH 1.0 by maximedangles
258 downloads, 0 Comments sequencer, effect, utility
8 knobs to map to anything in live. 16 presets of this 8 parameters. 1 sequencer to sequence the 16 presets. have fun ! (more info)

key2FreqTempo 1.0 by pierrotechnique
125 downloads, 2 Comments utility
As part of developing my ever more obsessively parametric setup, I made this stupid little utility that lets you select a key/note and calculates all the possibly useful octave frequencies of the root... (more info)

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