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Endless Note with choke - AbletonDrummer.com 1.2 by AbletonKurse
146 downloads, 1 Comments utility, other, hardware, beta
Just a very simple device which is filtering out note off messages (='endless notes') but will stop the playing note when another one is played (similar to the "choke group" function in the Drumrack) ... (more info)

Polyphonic Pitch to Color 1.0 by BxHGuy
131 downloads, 1 Comments video, utility, other, beta
If you ever wondered what the pitch you play looks like? wonder no more! features: - 5 voice polyphony - Independent pitch scaling; log10 from audible spectrum to tetra-hertz (visible light spectrum) ... (more info)

Filter Fingers 0.3 by CaligulaCuddles
174 downloads, 1 Comments effect, utility, other, beta
Filter Fingers is essentially a series of MIDI-controller peak notch filters that you can "play" like a synth. This is the product of afternoon curiosity to implement into something bigger I'm working... (more info)

Pure Chords LIVE 1.0 by purechords
126 downloads, 1 Comments utility, other, hardware
Pure Chords is the smoothest and easiest ever Android MIDI keyboard and controller Pure Chords lets you control any MIDI capable software of hardware with your Android phone or tablet. The app includ... (more info)

Mini-Terrain 1.0 by opticon93
337 downloads, 2 Comments synth, sampler, glitch, other
Hi Folks, Welcome to the strange world of 2d.wave, a Max object that does primitive Wave Terrain Synthesis. This incarnation is a Livified and modified version of the Twinpusher max patch found here: ... (more info)

Mormos Pitch Drop 2.0 by RobertSchulz
563 downloads, 1 Comments effect, utility, other
Devoted to the big Mormo with his legendary Pitch Drop device. Something what has disturbed me by the working with the original Pitch Drop device was the restriction to 2 seconds in time for pitch t... (more info)

PicSeq 1.02 by encoderaudio
2 Comments video, sequencer, other
PicSeq is an image sequencer, where an image is converted into a 160x160 pixel matrix, then again, into 16, 40x40 pixel smaller matrixes. Every 40x40 matrix represents 1 step in 16 steps long sequence... (more info)

Monophonic Pitcher 1.0 by stev
265 downloads, 0 Comments sampler, effect, other
This is a free monophonic version of the Polyphonic Pitcher. (found here: https://gum.co/mfVvP ) This hybrid midi instrument/audio effect can either be thought of as a midi harmonizer or a keyboard s... (more info)

OctoTrig 1.0 by encoderaudio
0 Comments drum, sequencer, other
OctoTrig is an 8 (multi)channel AC encoded MIDI to trigger converter, a really helpful addition to Polyrandom. With this extension you can send out the 8 channels of Polyrandom to your modular synth ... (more info)

Mini-Stretcher 1.0 by opticon93
258 downloads, 0 Comments sampler, other
Hi, I upgraded my Mini-Sample with some Time Stretching and an expanded amp Envelope. Incoming midi controls the Pitch separately from the time-stretching. Stretch values above 1.0 correspond to ... (more info)

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