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Knob Twiddler 1.0 by opticon93
135 downloads, 2 Comments lfo, utility, other, beta
Hi Folks, This is my E.L.F. Controlled Random Controller. Long ago, I decided that I wanted an Artificial Knob Twiddler that would simulate what a human "could" do with a Knob, using their Thumb and... (more info)

Key MIDI Mapper 0.3 by ebray187
134 downloads, 0 Comments utility, hardware, beta
Quickly remap incoming MIDI notes pitch to any note (or none) preserving it's Velocity and Channel data. Intended for use with a Launchpad in User1 mode to play melodies and chords with a custom note ... (more info)

EuclideanX Probabilities 1.0 by BxHGuy
332 downloads, 0 Comments drum, sequencer, utility, glitch, other, beta
Always wanted to calculate the probabilities of compound sub-divisions of a beat but didn't know how? here's my attempt at making a step sequencer based on probabilities, but with a non-euclidean twi... (more info)

Euclideanx Subdivision Step Sequencer 1.0 by BxHGuy
414 downloads, 1 Comments drum, sequencer, glitch, other, dj, beta
Always wanted a step sequencer that plays ANY SUBDIVISION YOU CAN THINK OF and then combines them all together?! here's my first attempt at a MIDI step sequencer made for the rhythmically adventurous!... (more info)

3PulsesPhraser 1.0 by Gisbert
97 downloads, 1 Comments sequencer, beta
I made this device to get away from Ableton liveĀ“s usually time-grid centered approach, or, to be more specific, to be able to get in and out of this grid. Three pulses can be triggered within their... (more info)

Grid SEQ Params 1.1 by akihiko
3 Comments lfo, sequencer, effect, utility, glitch, other, hardware, dj, m4lhackevent, beta, push
Graphical Parameta Sequence Controller via Ableton M4L API. Demo Movie. (more info)

Ableton Reset Free 1.0 by akihiko
3 Comments sequencer, effect, utility, other, hardware, dj, m4lhackevent, beta
Ableton API based reset pulse signal device for external cv/gate synthesizer system. (more info)

Ableton Clock 1.0 by akihiko
0 Comments sequencer, utility, other, hardware, dj, m4lhackevent, beta
Ableton-synced audio clock pulse signal device for external cv/gate synthesizer system. (more info)

YM2149 Synth 1.1 by cbmainz
99 downloads, 6 Comments hardware, beta
CC mapping for a YM2149F Teensy Synthesizer by trash80. Infos at and (more info)

Digital Glitcher 2.3 by akihiko
0 Comments effect, utility, glitch, other, dj, beta
BPM Sync Glitch Effect for ableton Max for Live Audio Track. Demo Movie Other free software here. (more info)

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