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Name/Version: DSI PRO 2 Control 1.0
Author: techbuzz  
Description: This is the control I created to store patches created on the PRO 2 in Live. Each time the device is loaded it sends a SYSEX message to the PRO 2 to U1 P1 with the name Ableton Patch. This is that sound. The midi device receives NRPN and sends NRPN to the PRO 2.

I made a short video of the operation and how it works.


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Downloads: 125
Tags utility, hardware, push
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8.0
Date Added: Nov 23 2018 19:35:35
Date Last Updated: Dec 15 2018 22:30:16
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: DSI PRO 2 Editor.amxd


Can this device capture the state of a preset? ...So I could then automate it...

Great work btw!


Thank you. Right now it will not import the patch that is loaded on the instrument. This works one way right now. The patches are stored in Ableton when you save this in a track. For it to work like you are asking I need to read the patch out of the PRO 2 and interpret this data. This could be done. That is what the sound tower VST does. There would need to be a request patch button or something like that. I write the data that is in this patch now when it is loaded into Ableton.


I currently use your devices to control Omnisphere 2.5 hardware profiles, and it works great. Can you possibly make a Moog Sub 37 ?

Hello vertibration,

I don't own a Moog Sub 37. I make these interfaces for synths I own. If you want to loan me one I will gladly make you an interface and return the synth to you. : )

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